Why So Purrious?

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Why So Purrious?
Dark Knight / Joker Grunge Wallpaper

Dark Knight / Joker Grunge Wallpaper (Photo credit: ….Tim)

After we saw Heath Ledger’s Joker performance in that otherwise forgettable Batman movie, I began asking our very serious-faced buff tabby kitty “why so serious?” Rhetorically, of course. His way of looking through us, brought us to our knees. That’s the power of cat!

Perhaps Batman could be Catman. Why so purrious? Isn’t it obvious?

Our kitties purr like motors of monster trucks. They purr while they’re sleeping, they purr while they’re awake. It means they’re really happy; it’s never fake. Look what they have to purr about:

* They get everything they want, when they want it

* They have two full-time ’round-the-clock parents loving on them and playing with them and serving as heated beds

* They fully take advantage of guests for additional affection and lap space

* Their doctor comes to them, every two weeks for pedicures, ear cleaning, bringing food, extra love, even more attention

* Their digs provide all the privacy and solitude they want as well as plenty of room for galloping like horses and going psycho kitty climbing and jumping

* Duh, they’re being petted!

* They’re the only kitties in town with their own stroller

* They love each other and can always snuggle even if their parents have stepped out momentarily

* Their grandma is always giving them toys, treats, and catnip

* They get to go to the store where they’ll get loved on by people they know and some that they don’t

* They get to drink from a trickling fountain, 24/7

* They get to play kitty apps on their choice of iPad or iPhone

* They can get buzzed on fresh ‘nip, straight from mom’s garden

* They get as many hugs, kisses, and rubs as they can handle

If people could purr, we’d be purring all the time having these kitties as our babies. So, the question is why aren’t humans purrious? Riddle me that, Catman!



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