“Are animals more important than people in the western world?”

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“Are animals more important than people in the western world?”

I’ll take a shot at this inane question posted to Yahoo Answers (yes, I realize it’s feeding the troll):

When a Chinese person eats a dog or cat (btw, not all Chinese people do, only a tiny minority) it’s “sick” but when Americans eat pigs and cows, it’s food.

If someone starves a dog or cat to death, that’s “inhumane”… But it’s totally acceptable to let millions of babies and children starve to death in third world countries while we drive our BMWs and play games on our ipads.

Why do westerners only care about certain animals i.e. pets? Why do westerners care about animals more than human beings and other issues such as poverty, hunger, starvation, clean water, child labour, child abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, global warming, trafficking, slavery and war? Billions of dollars are donated to animal charities at the expense of these other causes.

I have a theory why animal rights/welfare is so prevalent in western societies.. Western societies have a high rate of divorce, family breakup, depression, suicide, loneliness, and western society is individualistic.. People don’t have a sense of community or belonging.. So they turn to animals for companionship and elevate animals to human status.

This only happens in western culture.. Although other cultures have high respect for animal life (e.g. Buddhism) and animals are treated better than in western culture and it’s factory farming and slaughterhouses, not a single culture places animals above human beings..

In western society, the hierarchy goes like this: 1. Westerners. 2. Animals.. 3. Third world people. I’m not biased because my father is a “westerner” and my mother is from a “third world country”.

Assuming you want true answers and are not just ranting to show your foolishness, here goes:

People ARE animals. If you study mammalian physiology, there are more similarities than differences. You might want to take a biology class. On second thought, maybe not. It may strain your brain to realize how closely linked other species are.

What certain cultures recognize as food or not food is just that: culture. Doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong. On a macro level, that’s entire continents; on a micro level, each household is its own culture. Within the West or East you’ll find families who would be horrified at the thought of eating a mammal but they see nothing wrong with eating a fish. Fish are not plants, but they may be seen as acceptable food by people who consider animal flesh to be mammals only. It’s all individual no matter where you live. So stop generalizing; you sound like an idiot.

Some people opt out of eating any animals whether they place any importance on animals or not. They just don’t have a taste for it. Again, it’s really none of your business what others choose to do if they’re not harming you in any way.

You’re right, dogs and cats tend not to be viewed as culturally acceptable food material in the West. That’s because they are seen as pets here. People don’t tend to want to eat their pets. Monkeys may be food in the East, and not the West, but they’re not pets in the West. They’re zoo animals. But they’re still not food. Get it? How someone sees something affects what they do with it. I may not pick my flowers because I enjoy them staying in my yard, but that doesn’t mean anyone is wrong who likes to go out flower-picking. As long as they leave mine alone. Got it? Good.

I think you have a lot of time on your hands to complain about other people’s choices when it’s likely you’re not in a position to implement policies that would change things, nor to donate the kind of money it would take to feed every needy human.

What the f#@k do starving babies in shithole countries have to do with whether or not I use my iPad? Would you give up your life so some corrupt 3rd world government can divert and waste your money, that you earned, for you, after you already paid through the nose the required state and federal taxes in your own land? Do you even earn enough to support yourself without handouts from your parents, subsidization from your landlord who may be renting at a loss, or your date paying for dinner? Have you ever paid a vet bill? I didn’t think so.

If people are starving to death, in many cases it’s their own damned fault. (I know there are always exceptions, unforeseen circumstances etc., but many people reproduce without any idea how they’re going to pay for food.) Don’t have children you can’t afford, period. I don’t expect anyone else to pay my bills and I don’t want to pay theirs. My cats live like royalty because that’s what they are in my home. Anyone who would have a problem with that isn’t welcome here.

Donations to animal causes are not at the expense of human causes. Beggars can’t be choosers. Where I donate money is my choice, and I choose to donate mostly to animal causes. Others may choose to donate for other things. That’s what makes it donating. Taxes are compulsory and the government sends much of that money as aid overseas whether I like it or not. They also fund social programs for people who didn’t plan for their futures and are lifetime leeches. Post-tax dollars are mine to spend. Got it? Have you ever earned any money? When you do, you can decide where it goes after your costs are covered. It’s easy to be a socialist nimrod when others are picking up the tab.

For the record, I spend more on food for my cats than I do on food for myself. Doesn’t mean they’re more important than people; they’re equally as important but their food costs more. I’m not starving; no human in my inner circle is starving as a result of feeding said cats. If I couldn’t afford it, I’d make more money. Again, I don’t care if it bothers you. That’s capitalism.

As for your bickering about elevating animals to human status, who says it isn’t the other way around? Humans are not superior to other animals. They’re just needier. Other species are more adapted to their natural environments and able to cope without intervention UNLESS humans have destroyed their habitat, confined their territory, or obliterated their natural food sources. The average cat, dog, or bird is smarter than you, any day of the week, anywhere, West, East, North, South, or underground. Do you have to wear clothing to protect yourself from the elements? Do you have to care what day it is, have to be somewhere you don’t want to be at certain times, spend most of your time doing what you don’t want to do? Do you have to put up with intrusive in-laws, mind-boggling regulations, drama with friends and associates? Other animals don’t. See? Non-human animals are superior.

It sounds to me like you live in the West and are unhappy with prevalent cultural values and materialism. So do us capitalists a favor and move to one of those shithole countries you admire so much. They’re so crowded anyway, one more knucklehead won’t make much difference. And yes, I’m biased. My dad was from a corrupt 3rd world country. He got out because it SUCKED!!!! If it didn’t suck, he’d have stayed. So there!






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