Urgent: Two lions must be moved

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Urgent: Two lions must be moved

I received this email from IFAW. Please donate if you can!! Click on my IFAW link in the first sentence and it will take you directly to their donate page for the lions. Thank you!


IFAW: Lion Ducey

Dear *****,

I just found out about two lions in need of a new home – and I need your help to make it happen.

A private owner in Missouri recently decided he could no longer care for his two tigers and two lions. The tigers have already been moved to a sanctuary in Nevada. Now it’s time to move the lions.

I know how much you care about lions and tigers and other animals in need. We’ve found a well-run sanctuary that will take in these two lions. By donating today, you can help us give the lions a safe new home. 

One of the lions is Danka, a lioness who’s about 16 years old. She walks slowly and with difficulty. The other is Ducey, a 10-year-old male. The owner’s son helped look after them, but he’s moved away, and the owner cannot care for them on his own.

For the safety of the animals and the community, Danka and Ducey need to be in a sanctuary. As soon as possible, we want to move them to the Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi. The lions will be able to continue to live together there and will receive excellent medical care from the veterinary school at Mississippi State University.

Since 2003, IFAW has come to the rescue of over 150 big cats along with many other displaced, unwanted or abused captive wild animals. We can’t do rescues like this without you.

First, we’ll have a qualified veterinarian examine the lions. The elderly lioness may need pain medication to make the transport more comfortable for her. Then our partners at Loving Friends Transport will move Danka and Ducey to their new home.

Doing a move like this in a way that’s safe for the lions and the public is a team effort. Can you be part of the team that rescues these two lions? 

Thank you.


Kelly Donithan Kelly Donithan signature

Kelly Donithan
Wildlife Rescue Program Officer

P.S.: Relocating lions is a complex process, requiring specialized skills and equipment. You can help make sure the lions are moved safely.



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