The Kitty Matchmaker!

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The Kitty Matchmaker!

Franny Syufy writes about an innovative way that cats are finding new homes:

Carrie Ann Inaba, of former “Dancing With the Stars” fame, has entered a new venture, that of writing and co-hosting an online series, “Crib Cat.” From a recent Press Release:

LOS ANGELES, March 26, 2012 – Dancing with the Stars judge and longtime animal activist Carrie Ann Inaba’s first-ever web series, Crib Cat, will premiere Monday, March 26 on the YouTube channel, Petsami, a new digital entertainment network that advocates embracing your inner animal instincts with daily fun and funny pet shows and videos. Crib Cat is hosted by Inaba’s longtime friend Kit, a cat who happens to be a matchmaker and receives submissions from cats all over looking for the perfect “crib” – aka “forever home.” The series is written by Inaba, who also provides the voice of Kit.

Executive produced by Inaba and FishBowl Worldwide Media, Crib Cat will feature 12 episodes with each one introducing a cat from a no-kill shelter ready for adoption and their own forever home. The series will further expand to include both cats and dogs available for adoption. Whether it’s choosing a human who has the right temperament or setting up the perfect scratching post, the show’s mission is to help pair every cat and dog in America with their perfect Crib.

OMG, how cool is this??! This is something I’ve been talking about wanting to see for years! Someone with name recognition who truly loves cats to promote matches between eligible cats and available humans. Yay for Carrie Ann and Kit!

Grace Sydney reports on sibling kitties ready for adoption: Two cuddly kittiies are hoping that they will soon waltz away with forever families thanks to Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba’s Petsami web series, Crib Cat.

Brother and sister Siri and Wifi– a pair of motherless, playful purring pals who were found, along with their other siblings, hiding beneath a house that was about to be fumigated– are the orphan felines to benefit from the ex’purr’tise of the show’s meowing matchmaker, Kit (voiced by cat-loving reality personality Inaba.)

Their siblings Cloud and Safari have already been adopted, and while Suri and Wifi wait for the arrival of their own pet parents, the adorable duo are enjoying the cat accommodations found at Purr-fect Solutions Feline Rescue, a non-profit, no-kill rescue group and shelter in Sherman Oaks, California which has provided comfort and care for homeless cats for more than 11 years.

If you’re planning to add to your kitty family, please call ahead to ask if a particular shelter adopts in your area. Some shelters only adopt locally, while others are more flexible. Also, if you are interested in a specific cat, ask if that cat is still available. Happy adopting!

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