Summer’s Author Bio

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Summer’s Author Bio

An entre-purr-neur with ginormous insight into the cat kingdom, I am here to write about it!

My long-term relationships with felines began after I entered adulthood. I had been my family’s dog’s primary caregiver for five years at that time, and continued for the rest of her nearly 16 years. Chickens were also part of the family for several years.

What I wasn’t prepared for upon adoption of my 10-months-young kitty was how sharp the learning curve (and claws and teeth!) would be for a rookie cat-mom – especially for me! I thought that as a child development specialist, educator, psychologist and dog expert, it would be easier than it was. Neither education level nor prior experience with other species’ development – human, canine, avian, whatever – mattered with regard to cats. It was truly humbling and edifying. Because I knew so little, I relied exclusively on advice of the vet. (Eventually, with the advent of the internet, I learned to do my own research in addition to external care.)

Years later, my life partner and I blended our kitty families (my girl and his two boys), requiring even more turning of the key in my cognition as more territorial-behavioral and health issues occurred. We live in CA’s Silicon Valley, in a house custom-designed for our cat-centric lifestyle. The cats determine our schedules, furnishings, cleaning supplies, wall paint, flooring, bedding, and even our choice of human associates. Our precious little lions not only reign supreme in our values, they receive the lion’s share of our resources.

Besides purr-suing information I need for parenting our fur-monsters, I also enjoy accounting, technology, drawing and painting, TV, old movies, music, flower gardening, photography, parks and beaches, reading musician biographies, writing, doing creative projects with kids, feeding backyard birds, getting up before 6 a.m., loving dogs, and spending time with high-quality humans.

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