So Thankful for Kitty-Cats

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So Thankful for Kitty-Cats

Personally, I think it’s kinda lame to only have one season wherein we’re supposed to give thanks. Being thankful is a daily occurrence. But since it’s that specified time, it provides an excuse for another blog post. So how about a list of the reasons we’re thankful for cats, or if you’re a cat-hater who has to sling mud at those who know what real love is (than what on earth are you doing on my blog?!), excuses for remaining perpetual servants-to-cats:

*Constant love all the time. All day, every day. No breaks, no exceptions, no waiting. Well, it helps that we have several cats!

*Never having to be alone. There’s a difference between wanting to be alone and having to be alone. Having to be alone sucks.

*You get to be harassed while going to the bathroom. Peeing and pooping are group activities, don’t cha know?

*Being covered with kisses upon emerging from the shower. There are many theories as to this phenomenon, but my favorite is that the kids have to get their scent back on you now that you’ve washed it off. You belong to them!

*I love being in love. I admit it; it’s great. I love the rush that comes with exchanging feelings of pure joy and elation with a furry creature that purrs. And kisses. And hugs. And gives me dirty looks when I haven’t pleased them. Guess I’m a hopeless romantic!

*They’re better than us. Cats keep us humble. If you start believing you really are as great as your dog thinks you are, or as great as you pay your therapist or life coach to tell you that you are, you may come off as a pompous egotist to those balanced with subservience to one or more cats. (I’m not saying dogs aren’t also better than us; they are. They just don’t usually behave as if they are.)

*They give you a reason to get up in the morning.

*Eye candy, baby! They do all their purring, meowing, stalking, ambushing, snuggling, burrowing, and climbing in a package that is beautiful to see. Each cat is a work of art, a visual symphony.

*Cats are a photographer’s dream. Having cats around will definitely make use of whatever photo gadgets or talent you may have. You can never have too many pictures of them.

*They teach you how to stretch.

*The unmatchable exquisite feeling of connecting with the wild kingdom in our everyday lives. Can’t go to the jungle on a daily basis to get your fill of wild excitement? Have a cat. Or two. Or more.

*Cats provide a great model for eye makeup application. Dogs do too, actually, but this is about cats. Check your cat’s beautiful eyes and coat for ideas on what colors to use.

*Learning how to take care of a cat is an excellent way to learn how to take care of yourself. My extensive knowledge of dietary supplementation for humans got started by researching nutrients needed by my cats.

*You learn all kinds of new contortion methods for sleeping with warm furry creatures wrapped around you. Gives your chiropractor a challenge.

*Bragging rights — it’s wonderful to have the most gorgeous cats on the planet and for everyone else to know it.

*Cats make you smarter. Notice how they won’t enter a space without investigating it first? Humans could benefit from doing that. Helps to have your cat as an example. Although, we don’t have their sense of smell.

*You can warm your hands and feet on them.

*Sometimes they serve as pillows.

*They don’t care how you present yourself, or if you’re aging badly; they love you anyway.

*By having cats, you tend to meet other cat people, who tend to be nicer than people who don’t like cats.

Have more to add to this list? Add a comment! Happy Thanksgiving and all other days too!

Cat Conspiracy

Cat Conspiracy (Photo credit: Tjflex2)


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