Reasons people don’t walk and exercise their cats?

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Reasons people don’t walk and exercise their cats?

Yet they have a dog that they walk and play with , take for rides in the car etc …. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a cat person never had one never will but as I was saying there are dog parks and places to take your dog BUT I have yet to see a place to take a cat.

Our cats enjoy going for rides in their cat stroller, but they are completely enclosed with a mesh cover that doesn’t enable them to get loose and potentially hurt by a passing car or other animals, or getting lost. They love it and even demand to go, but it’s as much for our own interests as theirs. As people, we love their company when we go out for walks. We’ve taken them with us to the park, to stores, to the Farmer’s Market, to the doctor (with his permission), everywhere except restaurants. When we’re at the store they ride in our shopping cart, in their carrier (only one at a time in that scenario, as all four wouldn’t fit — but usually only one at a time shows the interest in going). They especially love to go with us when we go to buy cat food as all the staff want to pet them and spoil them. They love the attention.

We have tried the leash thing before, with traumatic results, many years ago. Our kitty was able to wriggle out of his harness when he heard an unfamiliar voice and escaped. We found him about to jump over a fence after hiding under a car. The harness was a nice snug fit but cats have flexible spines and can work around that. Never again!

But as far as exercise, they get plenty indoors. We have a nice long hallway with lots of exciting kitty furniture for them. They have kitty stairs, condos, platforms, tunnels, boxes, plus all the human furniture that we can use when they let us. They leap from chairs to floors to beds to window sills, off the walls, across our desks, and back again. We play with them with laser pointers, kitty toys, and stuffed animals. When we’re in bed they use us as launching pads to the window sill, then they’ll climb across us to use us as grooming platforms while they wash themselves. Cats get lots of exercise without ever having to run loose outside. And they use the litter box, which their human servants scoop for them, so they don’t have to be walked to relieve themselves.

You say you’ll never have a cat but don’t rule out the possibility that you may encounter one who will rock your world and convert you. I’ve seen it happen. I didn’t have a cat ’til my mid-20s (I’m 40) but would never, ever live without them again. I didn’t like dogs either, until I met the one who turned my world around and made me realize what I was missing. Whoever says someone has to be either a cat or dog person, but not both, just hasn’t met the right animals or been open to what they have to offer.

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