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This is personal and recent, so bear with me while it unfolds…

The multi-state chain clinic known as Radiocat treats hyperthyroid kitties with a radioactive iodine injection. This procedure is not surgery, so the cat will not be anesthetized, does not have to fast the night before, and has no down time. What they do have to be is confined for a few days for the radiation level to go down. The kitties stay at Radiocat for their quarantine, so no hassle there. Upon release, there’s a set of federal guidelines they make you agree to regarding handling of litter, contact with your kitty, and having kitty’s thyroid level tested and retested at one- and three-month intervals to verify the effectiveness of the treatment.

Our geriatric kitty’s thyroid level went from 6 to 1.27! We’re extremely happy about that! She will be retested again in three months to make sure her level is where it needs to be.

We are overall happy with Radiocat, but wish there were more choices out here for treatment. Vets, please consider offering this treatment at your hospital! I know it’s very expensive to comply with federal guidelines regarding not using the space for anything other than nuclear procedures and disposal is a hassle. Radiocat fills up quickly and only takes in patients twice a month, once in December!


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