Picking the Purr-fect Name for Your Cat

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Picking the Purr-fect Name for Your Cat

So you’ve met the love of your life. Soft, beautiful, purring like a motorcycle engine; you’re a cat slave — er, parent. Now what do you NAME this ball of fluff? There are lots of ways to get inspired: surf the ‘net, get to know your cat and see what names seem to “fit”, or study baby name books. Or, check out Cat Names Meow:

When choosing a cat name, keep in mind you can:

  • Find names that match your cat’s personality
  • Give your cat a name that reflects, and is possibly related, to your own interests or hobbies
  • Pick several favorites and try them out on your new cat or kitten
  • Call names out loud and see if your cat responds to any of them – or at least looks at you!
  • Cats tend to respond better to one and two syllable words
  • Encourage your entire family to take part in the naming process

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Those are some very helpful tips, in this reporter’s opinion! Sometimes a name will just come to you, and other times, you need weeks or months to think of the right name. You may go through several names before knowing the permanent name. Your kitty will probably have many nicknames, too! Mine do!

According to another cat name site,

One of the most popular ways of naming a cat most people use is by color. If your cat is one solid color such as black or orange then naming that cat would be fairly easy, there are many black cat names and orange cat names available on this site to choose from. But what if your cat has multiple colors, then the color method of choosing a name may not work to well for you, perhaps you would have to look at other features besides color. Features like body type, size, weight, short fur coat or long fur coat,all these features can give you hints on choosing the proper name for your cat.

But maybe you don’t want to choose a cat name by appearance, maybe you want to name your cat after a famous cartoon cat or a famous movie star, the possibilities are endless. What ever name that you do finally choose just remember that this is the name you will have to use in communicating with your pet for many years to come,so the cat name that you do choose has to match your cat and satisfy you the pet owner as well.

This cat parent agrees — make sure it’s a name that YOU like, because guaranteed, your cat doesn’t care.

Stay tuned to Supurrb for more tips, tricks, and tidbits on loving cats!

Marco the Maine Coon Cat

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