My Girlfriend Won’t Give Up Her Cat

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My Girlfriend Won’t Give Up Her Cat

I’m convinced that my gf loves her cat more than she loves me! Whenever I go over to her place, it’s obvious that her cat is the rock star and I’m a nobody. We just started sleeping together and I think I should be more important than the cat. How could I consider cohabiting and marriage with someone who puts her cat first? What’s wrong with her? Why should I have to compete with a cat for attention?

Nothing’s wrong with her. Of course she loves her cat more, stupid! If she didn’t, then that would be a problem. I’d seriously wonder about the capacity for commitment of anyone who could put their new bf ahead of her cat.

I’m glad you realize her cat is the rock star and you’re the nobody. It’s the role you deserve at this time. If you want to move on up to the East side, then you best understand that the cat runs the show and you’re the new kid on the block. Cater to her cat, because that’s the only way to secure a place in your gf’s heart. If your soul is intact, you’ll fall in love with said cat, too.

You should not be more important than the cat, but if you prove yourself, in time you’ll be equally as important. Right now you’re just a roll in the hay. The cat-human bond is stronger than sex. You can bemoan this reality til you’re blue in the face, but it won’t change in your favor until you accept your position as the new human.

You don’t have to compete with the cat for attention; it’s no contest. The cat will always win because it’s a cat. Don’t pick battles you can’t possibly win. This is one of them.

My advice is learn to love the cat and stop bitching. If that’s not an option, find a gf who doesn’t have a cat, doesn’t want one, and actively dislikes them so you can be pretty confident she’ll never get one.



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