Kitty Real Estate: Condos!

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Kitty Real Estate: Condos!

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My cats love their condos. Their primary purpose is to give the cats an easy way to see out the window in the living room, because they can climb up the headboard to do that in the master bedroom. Cats love to be up high and see the world, and furniture designed for them enables this!

According to another cat care blog, before you go and take a look at the various cat condos out there, you may like to know what they basically consist of. Trees or cat stands are available in various shapes and designs. It is advisable that you buy a taller one. These artificial trees must fulfill a few of your cat’s needs including exercise, reclining, climbing, and scratching.

There are a few cat stands that come with carpets. The benefit of buying such a tree is that your cat will be able to use the carpet for scratching. This will prevent it from experimenting with your antique floor carpet.

There are some cat stands that also have inbuilt houses. Make sure that the houses are spacious enough for your kitty to move freely. If you have a very active cat, then buying playpens would be ideal. These condos also have cradles that are good place for your kitty to doze off. While deciding on the size of the tree, you should keep in mind the area of your house where it will be put up. Invest in a cat condo that is strongly built as it would last for a long time.

In case you have more than one feline friend at home, you will need to invest in a larger cat condo like a cat gym. This condo is more spacious and has a larger play area. It is also recommended for kittens. While choosing multi-level condos, please take care to ensure that the construction would not break too easily.

As far as decors of these cat stands are concerned, you can choose the one that appeals to your aesthetic sense the most. You may also like to consider the washable kitty condos, which are easy to clean. Some searching around will help you get condos that are built with stain proof materials.

I can attest to the relevance of “buying a taller one”: if your cats are large/long, like mine, most ready-made commercial kitty condos are too short for their scratching needs. I’m referring to the sisal-wrapped scratching pillars that are built into most of them. The cat has to be able to scratch at a full stretch, which may necessitate ordering a custom-made condo or building your own. A condo purchased for a kitten may not be big enough once said kitteh is full-grown.

Also, I suggest buying only one condo at a time, to get a feel for what interests your cat and what they plain ignore, before investing in multiple properties. For instance, one condo has a dangling carpeted tube that none of my cats has ever climbed into — ever. It’s suspended from a super-short rope and for them, it’s like it’s not even there. Therefore, I wouldn’t obtain another with such a feature.

Cat Condo / Cat TreeAdditionally, an article entitled Exactly Why Investing in Cat Furniture is Definitely a Wise Step gives three simple guidelines when shopping:

Find the furniture having a solid base so that it will not effortlessly tip over

Pick cat furniture that delivers your cat with adequate stretching room

It needs to be simple to maintain

That’s good advice. I’d add that the condo needs to be placed somewhere that interests the cat. Give them something to see, like a window. But make sure they can’t escape through that window — keep it closed/securely screened! Install claw-proof screening. Clean-up is a breeze with a hand-vac, as fur and carpet lint accumulates on the condo. Blot messes with a cloth and water-white vinegar solution and air-dry. That’s prime kitty real estate!

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