Hospice Care for Cats

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Hospice Care for Cats


Contrary to popular belief, there IS such a thing as hospice care for cats. Here we feature two angelic organizations who provide such care. According to their website, PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary in Somerville, TN: rescues senior felines from shelter euthanization.  Providing a safe hospice where the homeless, senior kittizens live the rest of their lives blanketed in love. We take in the “unadoptable”, feed feral colonies, gentle spirits & soothe broken hearts & bones.

PurrEver Ranch does not receive any city, state or federal funding. We rely on community donations to provide care for the homeless cats we care for each year. All donations, both small and large, are truly appreciated.

PurrEver Ranch opened it’s cat doors in June 2004 when I realized that even though there are numerous animal rescue groups in our area, none of them focused on the homeless, senior felines.   Most cats over 12 are considered “unadoptable” at shelters & euthanized.
English: Cat, cute. Probably tuxedo.

English: Cat, cute. Probably tuxedo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Mission

(1) management and maintenance of a safe and loving sanctuary for homeless, geriatric cats;  (2) provision of proper medical treatment and care;   (3) education of the community about proper feline care, behavior, and ways to prevent cruelty and neglect;  (4)  the establishment of partnerships with other animal rescue groups in order to increase access to resources and to provide information and referral support regarding feline rescue;  (5) gentling of feral kittens & placement into loving homes, and (6) spay/neuter of feral cats.

Unfortunately, it also reads that Purrever Ranch may be without a proper home if the property that now houses it is sold:


PurrEver Ranch is in dire need of permanent housing.  Our landlord passed and the property has been appraised.  Widow has been advised to sell.

We despurrately need to find a new home and soon.  Ideally, we would like a farm on at least 50 acres with barns but a country home on 10 acres with a workshop would be a dream come true.

We would like to stay in this area but will relocate should property be donated.
I hope this post generates some relief, Purrever Ranch!
A special hospice care sanctuary that I have had personal experience with is the Magoo Room:
a non-profit 501 (c) 3 blind cat sanctuary founded by Joe and Barbara Miller in 2003 and located near Greenville, NC.  Named for our first blind cat who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2004, the Magoo Room provides blind cats with a loving forever home.
Our house is in a development of about 20 properties of several acres each.  In 2003, we knocked out one exterior wall of the 16 x 10 office and added an 18 x 24 addition.  We fenced in an 18 x 24 courtyard, with anti-climb netting at the top of the fence, so that the residents of the Magoo Room would be able to exit the house via a pet door and enjoy the sounds and feel of the outdoors.  Barbara is employed at her home office, so she is able to spend many hours a day in the Magoo Room.  We have chosen to decorate with primarily infant furniture, as it suits the cats desires to be “up” yet it is easy to clean when we have a new resident and the boys start their “tinkle wars”.
Barbara is very, very nice! I donated to the Magoo Room once and she sent me a personal letter thanking me and sharing more information about the resident cats. Thanks, Barbara! Please support this wonderful sanctuary and others like it!

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