Have You Heard of Vito Vincent?

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Have You Heard of Vito Vincent?

I want to showcase a particular actor kitty I read about who needs a break. Can you give him one? Here is his resume:

Introducing Vito Vincent, Vito wasn’t always in the limelight. When Vito was just 7 mos old his owners gave him up to a shelter in Brooklyn, NY. Vito was rescued from this shelter back East and placed in the adoption center at Bide-a-wee in mid-Manhattan. He was then adopted and moved to SoHo, New York. Since his adoption Vito has become a real star, featured on Thirty Rock and Colbert Nation. Vito’s calm personality allows him to work with even the highest intensity productions and individuals.


Vito serves as an Animal Actor and Pet Therapist:

Animal Actor

Vito is a successful animal actor, and most recently worked with Tina Fey on Thirty Rock as well as with Stephen Colbert as Christianne Aman-purr, the Colbert Report Middle East Expert. Other credits include “Extra” with Mario Lopez, Macy’s/Animal Planet commercial, Prevention magazine, College Humor website, Meow Mix website, pilot for Comedy Central.

Pet Therapy

Vito Vincent is a certified Delta Society pet therapist and is rated complex by Delta Society. Vito is the highest rated animal out of 150 dogs and 8 cats at Bide-a-wee’s pet therapy program in Manhattan. He is the only Manhattan Bide-a-wee pet therapist allowed to visit cancer patients, and, he was a regular visitor at a center for the mentally disabled in lower Manhattan. He is very well liked and is considered by many to be one of the sweetest cats in the world.


While most other animals, in particular cats, are only capable of either moving from A to B or sitting, Vito is capable of doing both. That is, he can remain stationary for long periods of time and can move from A to B on command when required. This trait has made him one of the most highly valuable and in demand animal actors.

Vito is highly trained with his other talents including: Vito can walk on a leash; Sit, stay, come on command; Jump up on command; Can be fed by a fork at a dinner table; Eat at the counter from the stool; etc.

Vito is available for print, internet, feature, commercial, charity, and television.

There you have it — kitty actor available for hire! His contact info is on his website. Good luck, Vito!

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