Cats and Sleep Number Beds

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Cats and Sleep Number Beds

It’s that time…time for a new bed. This time, we took a deeper plunge into debt to obtain a split king Sleep Number. As you know from reading my other posts, our cats sleep with us humans so we needed a Family Bed they could enjoy. Since cats love heights, we thought an adjustable bed would be a no-brainer. We were right about that!

Our Sleep Number was assembled by two guys who obviously love being a part of customers’ introduction to a new way of sleeping. The Sleep Number bed actually works; I never before thought of a bed as having a job. This one really does. It adjusts, vibrates, hardens, and softens by remote control. You didn’t have enough remotes, did you?!

The cats absolutely love their new bed. It’s overall taller than our last bed, but not by enough to necessitate higher kitty stairs. (I had purchased taller kitty stairs recently before we knew what bed we were getting, but they’re plenty useful in the living room. You can’t have enough kitty stairs, especially when you have one or more baby or geriatric kittehs.) Our eldest still uses the simple Rubbermaid stepstool to get up, like she has for years.

The kids love to go up and down when we adjust. There’s nothing like seeing the looks on their faces as they get their “ride” and settle in pure pleasure! They really don’t care what number is set. Our bodies are still their surface of choice, and sometimes they sleep on the remotes as well.

Because of it’s adjustability, the Sleep Number doesn’t go all the way to the headboard, so it was more of a challenge for our boys to jump from the bed to the windowsill. But they took that challenge, and now it’s no big deal.

One thing that was weird for us was when the installers explained that turning on vibrate scares kitties out from under the bed. No it doesn’t; our cats couldn’t care less. The vibration is no big noise or movement; a kitteh would have to be painfully skittish for that to have an impact on them. So far, we have had a kitty hide under there when it was his turn to have his nails trimmed. We don’t want them to be able to hide under there so we are in the process of accumulating as many things to store under there as possible to block them. Bring on the storage!

Would we buy a Sleep Number again? Yes, but we are more comfortable with debt than most people. It’s very expensive. We spent almost as much as on our car! Six months of same-as-cash financing helps, but it still costs what it costs. I’m still trying to figure out what number feels best for me. After a week of sleeping on it, I don’t think I could go back to a bed that’s not adjustable.

What did we do with our other bed? Moved it into the living room as a daybed for the kitties, of course! They love it! It is flanked on either side by their kitty condos topped with heating pads. Kitty stairs are everywhere, as well as their stroller, bouncy seat, carriers, couch, and ottoman. It’s a cat’s world at our cat house!

Sleeping cat

Sleeping cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Wow! Your cats are sooo lucky! Looks like they are are having the best sleep. I envy your cats right now!

  2. We just purchased an adjustable sleep number bed (literally 20 minutes ago). This may sound crazy (but it sounds like you are a cat lover too, so I think it's safe to ask you this ).... We have a kitten that I absolutely adore. Do you think there is any concern about the kitty getting hurt/trapped underneath the adjustable base?
    Maybe it's just buyers remorse, but I am feeling quite anxious about that possibility.

    • That's great that you got a new bed!

      As long as you are aware of your kitten's whereabouts when you are raising or lowering the bed with the remote, it should be fine. I'd be more concerned about the gap between the mattresses (if it's a split king) or a kitten on an end of the bed that's being raised and falling off. We haven't had any problems like that. It becomes second nature to scan around the bed before raising or lowering it, like looking both ways before crossing the street. We've not had any kitties get hurt nor trapped underneath the base. It's very open and roomy under there; they love all the extra space they have that wasn't there with a bed lower to the floor. Our cats love the bed!!!

      I hope that helps. Feel free to send more questions!

  3. We were at a local Home Show and decided to stop and talk to someone about an adjustable bed for our new home. We have multiple cats also and really didn't want them to be able to get under the bed ... so, we asked the saleswoman about the frame and attached headboard for the two extra long queens that connect together into a king size. We specifically asked if the frame and headboard would be able to keep the cats from getting under the bed. We were told that the cats would NOT be able to get under the bed with the frame and headboard attached, so, we spent the extra money and bought it. Upon delivery, we found that our saleswoman was either mistaken, or misleading us, in order to make a sale ... because, all of the cats could get under the bed through the gaps at the top of the bed ... BUT, at least one of them, could NOT get back out! SO, now we have a problem where our cats are actually put in danger, unless we stuff pillows, jeans, and whatever else we can find into all of the gaps to keep them from getting underneath and being trapped. Needless to say, we are VERY annoyed and have decided to call to try to return the frame. IF they will take it back, we will keep the headboard and probably just screw it to the wall. Then, we will have to find a dust ruffle for the bed and just let the cats go in and out under the bed, which we did NOT want to do, mainly because we were worried that they could either hurt the moving equipment ... or, GET hurt by it. Since receiving it, we have decided that: A) the equipment is high enough off the floor ... and B) it moves slowly enough ... that they are probably not in danger ... (as long as their tails are out of the way) It is somewhat of a hassle to have bought extra pieces that won't work ... but, in the long run, it will probably be a comfy and safe spot for them to hang out in when they are scared ... AND, it even has a light under there! My main concern is, they are not going to want to take the frame back as it is supposed to be "custom". I don't even know if they make a dust ruffle, but, if they will trade me one for the frame I think I'll be happy. If they refuse to do anything for me, I may just return the bed, sell the headboard and frame and buy another bed ... perhaps a plain old sleigh bed, like we had before ... so I KNOW my cats can't get under it!

    • Celeste, that is awful that they misled you like this. I don't trust anyone to tell me what my cats will and won't be able to do because they can't know and don't take it seriously. They might as well tell me my cat can't reach the top of the fridge, when he most certainly can!

      We didn't buy the headboard as we already had our own. We didn't buy the frame as we didn't want our cats getting under there and us not being able to reach in and scoop them out. The salespeople didn't try to sway us one way or the other; we didn't discuss it with them. So sorry your saleslady was a knucklehead. How could she say cats can't get under there...of course they can. Someone really doesn't know cats. Did they take back the headboard and frame? I hope they showed you some consideration; perhaps substitute sheets or other merchandise in that amount for your trouble?

  4. My husband and I are looking at an adjustable bed, and we have two 6-month-old kittens. We were going to get the side rails to keep them out from under the bed, but it sounds as though they would be better off if we don't do that. We certainly don't want to worry about trapping them, and they would have a better chance to get out of the way if everything is open. Do you agree?

    • Yes, I agree! We do without all the accessories that could trap cats under there. We have no problem with them getting stuck. Good luck!

  5. Hi we bought exacly the same bed as you. We have 2 beautiful bengals and they do go under the bed and not only that they chew all the cables so now we are very concern about the cats. Do you know any way that we can prevent them from chewing the cables I guess they do it when we are not home.

    • Spraying Boundary works for us! Put down a towel first, then spray Boundary on the cables and let them dry. The towel is to protect your floor. The cats won't go near the cables. Good luck!


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