Are Cats Sociopaths?

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Are Cats Sociopaths?

These days it’s trendy to claim oneself as a sociopath.

Setting aside how dangerous they can be, it’s a chest-thumping, “look at me!” attention-whoring statement that is usually pretty ridiculous. It stems from a desire to be seen as infallible in business, feared by peers, and highly intelligent.

I think it’s a load of crap.

True ‘paths are often chronic failures in business because they don’t care about others’ feelings — a major impediment to success. Being feared means others will shun them, not admire them. And they are actually the easiest to mess with because they underestimate the power of emotions and therefore, powerful people who heed their emotions. Feelings are stronger than thoughts for a reason. ‘Paths’ manipulations may or may not work on their victims’ thoughts, but their victims’ feelings don’t lie. That’s why you feel sick to your stomach when in their presence. Even if you don’t realize intellectually what is wrong, your gut sure knows it.

Cats, and other non-human animals, go by instinct as a means of survival. Humans used to, as well. Somewhere along the line, socialization and industrialization cost humans that fundamental tool. Now humans try to be rational, use logic, and reasoning rather than rely on their gut. But the gut trumps all. Other animals haven’t lost it, which makes them more adaptable. Humans, for all their logic and civilization, are actually very poorly adapted to their environments. (Not sure about that? Do cats have to go to school, to work, wear clothing, shave, pay for shelter and food?) Cats are superior to humans in that they don’t second-guess their instincts.

I’ve heard people claim that cats are sociopaths because they don’t care what people think. That alone does not a sociopath make. It’s not possible to care about everything and everyone all the time. That would be mental overload! What I think they really mean is that cats don’t need people, as opposed to dogs, who seem to. True sociopaths, however, DO need people. But not because they care about them. They need constant supply (as it’s referred to in psychobabble) to feed off; they’re parasites. They’re hollow inside and cannot function without people to manipulate for their own ends.

This includes the Cluster B’s as well (narcissists – borderlines – histrionics – antisocials) who don’t have any regard for others except for needing hosts off which to feed. (Please don’t comment about how these slime need love too, how tiresome…) Some do have what appear to be long-term, decent relationships, but that doesn’t mean they know love. Having a family can provide them with “cover” by enabling them to appear normal or even ideal. They may also feign love for your pets to gain your trust, but will kill them as soon as you’re no longer needed.

The term sociopath refers to a set of characteristics that are meant to apply to humans. Cats are above that. Humans have the need to rationalize, categorize, and trivialize being terrorized because they’ve lost their reliance on gut instincts, which is not a good thing! Cats and other non-human animals don’t care about psychology because what they have is more powerful. If they perceive a threat, they get the hell out/away. They don’t sit around pondering the screwed-up head of their predator. How silly and deadly that could be!

Although, for the sake of answering the question, we could set the diagnosis-only-applies-to-humans thing aside and consider that cats are individuals. Some may be evil, just as certain humans are evil. We’ve certainly heard of cats who, by all accounts, seemed possessed by some demonic entity and hateful. That doesn’t represent the whole species and all its variations therein. Would we include wild cats? Domestic only? They’re actually very close instinctually, which is what unnerves non-cat-lovers about them.

It’s also been stated that cats are ‘paths because they manipulate people to give them what they want. Cats can’t help it if humans are suckered by their cuteness, can they? It’s a symbiotic relationship. Yes, our cats take full advantage of our love and care, but they give it all back a millionfold. We can’t even quantify how much they take care of us. Our cats love us beyond measure and they know we love them. How do we know, when they don’t tell us in human language? We feel it.

By contrast, sociopaths are out for themselves without any reciprocation. When they express positive feelings, it’s an act for their desired gain. They learn this act by studying people (maybe you! Ever feel “hunted”, interrogated, stalked, toyed with, bullied against your own interests?) You know it’s not real by their cold, dead stare sometimes accompanied with the phony grin. When you see that glare, with the unbroken rim of white around each eye, and you feel nauseous, RUN! What it could cost you if you don’t, is incalculable. I’d trust in the most vicious cat any day before I’d associate with a human monster.



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  1. Cats are sociopaths? Dumbest. Concept. Ever.


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