A Great New Site to Help Animals!

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A Great New Site to Help Animals!

This is my newest discovery: www.loveanimals.org and it’s fabulous!

It’s like a buffet menu for donating!

You get to choose from Pets, Wild, Farm, or Aquatic animals or you can also select by region which project you’d like to donate to. These projects range from funding free veterinary services to veterans and the poor, or individual surgery bills for specific animals whose stories you can read about on the site. There is also a need for a tiger to have a special enclosure built for her in a play site that is ready for her companions, but not safe for her yet due to her special post-trauma requirements. You can also donate to “adopt” wild babies in facilities who need your support. A new dog rescue is getting new turf in Tennessee and they need kennels to house dogs they pulled from death row.

Each project gives you an outline of what each organization that’s asking for money is all about. That way you can be very specific with your donating. This is great for those donors who want to give, but want to know exactly where their money is going. Each project also shows how much money has been raised, how far they are from meeting their time goal, and how much more they need.

I copied and pasted their FAQ’s page for more information:

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is LoveAnimals.org?
LoveAnimals.org is a nonprofit crowdfunding website that helps animal charities connect with donors to raise money for critically needed projects. Our crowdfunding website makes it easy for you to help animals. Nonprofits across America post projects in need of funding on our site, and you can donate any amount to the project that most inspires you. When a project reaches its funding goal, we transfer the money which the non-profit uses to complete the project. You’ll get photos of the project taking place and insight into how every dollar was spent.

What is “Project Specific Crowdfunding”?
Crowdfunding (sometimes referred to as Peer Funding, Microphilanthropy or Crowd Sourcing) is when many people give small donations to support specific projects. These many small donations collectively fund entire projects, providing nonprofits with more resources enabling them to help more animals faster. 

How do I use LoveAnimals.org?
It’s easy! Just visit the website, find a project that inspires you and make a donation to support it. Once the project reaches its funding goal, Love Animals transfers the money to the nonprofit, which they use to complete the project. The nonprofit will take pictures and provide information about the success of the project, which Love Animals will email you so you can see the impact of your giving.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can donate?
The minimum donation size is $2 and there is no maximum donation amount. Regardless of how much you give, you get the same level of choice, transparency and feedback that is traditionally reserved for someone who gives millions.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes! Love Animals is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so all donations are tax-deductible. Our federal tax ID # is 45-4102147.

Are nonprofits vetted prior to using LoveAnimals.org?
We vet every nonprofit partner before allowing them to post a project on the website. When their project reaches its funding goal and we transfer the money, the nonprofit must provide photos of the project taking place, and supply a report showing how every dollar was spent. This allows us to ensure every donation is being used to help animals as intended.

Does LoveAnimals.org take a percentage of my donation?
No, Love Animals does not take any of your donation made for a project on the website. Please note that every donation is subject to credit card fees, which are charged by a third party credit card / payment processor. These are the same fees you would pay if you contributed online to any nonprofit using your credit card or PayPal account.  Love Animals does not determine the fee and has no ability to control the fee.  These fees are deducted prior to receipt of your donation by Love Animals.  The amount we receive after the fee is deducted is the amount we pass on to the nonprofit.     

Can I donate to LoveAnimals.org?
Yes! LoveAnimals.org is a nonprofit and we have costs associated with operating, so donations are important to us and they allow us to help more non-profits. There are three ways you can donate:

  1. Click in the site to make a donation
  2. Send us a check to Love Animals, 3436 Mariposa Street, Denver CO 80211
  3. If you donate to a project on LoveAnimals.org, please agree to the 15% admin donation which is requested at check out

What is the 15% “Admin Donation” applied at check out?
When you reach the check out, we will ask if you are willing to pay an additional 15% Admin Donation. The Admin Donation is optional, but crucial. This additional donation goes directly to Love Animals to support our operating costs. We are a non-profit and this income ensures we can run the LoveAnimals.org platform. Your donation to a project (all of it) still funds the project you picked. But your agreement to pay an additional 15% Admin Donation keeps our lights on, our computers running, and our rent up to date. So please make this payment and help us to continue to help animal nonprofits throughout America. 

I am a business interested in supporting an entire project. What should I do?
We always encourage schools, businesses, organizations and groups to fund entire projects. If you’d like to do this you can either raise the money and make a donation to a project for the entire project amount or call us to find out more ways to fund entire projects.

I want to learn more about a nonprofit using your website or a project they have posted, can I contact them directly?
Absolutely! We list the contact information of every nonprofit using the website. If you’d like to learn more about them or a project they have posted, they would love to hear from you!

What types of nonprofits use LoveAnimals.org?
Any nonprofits registered with the Internal Revenue Service can use Love Animals to raise money for a project that benefits animals, prevents their suffering or preserves their numbers or habitats. The projects can be related to any issue impacting animals and for the benefit of any species of animal located anywhere in the world.

How are projects funded?
Projects on LoveAnimals.org are funded by people just like you, who care about animals. LoveAnimals.org allows lots of people making small donations to have a big impact. Anyone might be a potential donor: you, your neighbor, or someone across the country who finds the projects on our site inspiring for one reason or another. So please help us by sharing projects with your friends and family – we make it easy for you to do!

What happens if a project doesn’t reach its funding goal by the deadline?
In most cases, projects are flexible and the goal can be revised. A nonprofit is allowed to revise its fundraising goal if it can carry out the project with fewer funds or combine donations received through LoveAnimals.org with funds from elsewhere to fully complete the project. However, if a project fails to reach its goal and the nonprofit cannot carry out the project with a revised goal or with funds from elsewhere no money is transferred. This is a common model used by crowdfunding websites. It ensures that nonprofits are not put in the impossible position of having to complete a project having only raised a portion of the funds needed. Donors are very engaged in the process and want to see their funding at work. If we did transfer any money raised but not enough to complete the project, the good will of donors would be lost. If the project you donated to cannot be completed, we will contact you and refund the amount of your original donation.

Do you give my name and address to the organizations whose projects I support?
LoveAnimals.org does not release donors’ information to nonprofits without consent. As you check out, you will be asked if you wish to remain anonymous. Please ensure you check this box if you do not want to share your information, which includes your name, email address and donation amount, with the nonprofit. For more information you can review our privacy policy. If you would like to learn more about a nonprofit or be added to their mailing list, contact the nonprofit and they will gladly answer all your questions. 

Who can use LoveAnimals.org?
We’ve made it easy for anyone to use LoveAnimals.org. To make a donation to a project you must be over 18 years old or be under the supervision of an adult. 

I know a great nonprofit that could partner with LoveAnimals.org. How do they list a project?
We always want recommendations for partner nonprofits. If you know a great group, tell them to visit LoveAnimals.org and click on the “Nonprofits Start Here” button on the homepage to start the process. 

Can I invite my friends and family to donate?
Absolutely! In fact crowd funding works best when you share your favorite projects with your friends and family. We make it easy for you to do that – just click “Share” and you can post to Facebook, Twitter – any of your social media platforms! Research shows that people listen to the recommendations of their friends and family when deciding which groups to support. So your “share” might be just what it takes to get a project funded so animals get help! 

Do the nonprofits provide a report on the use of funds?
Yes. All project groups are required to post photos and a report on their project page when the project is completed. Love Animals reviews these reports to ensure the projects are completed as described so we can offer you maximum peace of mind that your donation is used to support good projects. As soon as a nonprofit posts their project photos and report, we’ll email you so you can see the impact your donation had!

Contact Us
Have other questions? Our staff are always on hand to help you. Just call 303-960-2109 or email info@loveanimals.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 


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