Dealing with Breakup

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Dealing with Breakup

I just broke up with my gf and I am sad and lonely. Knew it needed to happen, just can’t stop the love part! Any one have
any suggestions? It is really hard, she didn’t want a commitment and I did, two years I have been with her, and now she doesn’t want to take it to the next step. Guess it is good I found out now instead of later. Any suggestions would be great fully appreciated.

The love part is great; transmit it to other things!

Do you have a dog or cat to love on, or maybe go to an animal shelter and love on those. Maybe take one home. Pets are the most soothing way to deal with breakups or anything else. They are instantly committed and you won’t worry about “taking it to the next step”. There is no next step with pets; they love you right away. Imagine a nice rolling purr next to your cheeks (both sets) at night instead of hateful nagging, or being greeted with hugs and kisses after work instead of your commitment-shy ho getting it on with the neighbor on your couch. They love you no matter what you look like, won’t notice if you gain or drop a little weight, and don’t give a flying fig about petty human dramas., arts and crafts, gardening, window shopping, going to the movies
(you get to be around people and feel less lonely even when you’re alone), watching bad made-for-TV movies, and meeting up with friends can work well too. It’s good that gf did you a favor and let you go instead of leading you on for more years. Good luck!


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